Gender Proud is an advocacy and awareness organization that brings attention to the need for all transgender individuals to self-identify with the fewest possible barriers.

Gender Proud’s awareness work focuses on elevating the conversation about transgender justice and equality; to do this, we focus on telling new and empowering stories about the trans experience.

Our advocacy work advances progressive gender marker policy; at present, we are focused on creating change in Brazil, Hong Kong + the Philippines.


The goal of our awareness-building work, is to tell new and empowering stories about the trans community.

Founder’s Story

Geena’s story begins in Manila, where she grew up poor but amongst a loving and supportive family. She began competing in beauty pageants at 15, and immigrated to the States at 17. At a New York restaurant on the lower east side at 21, she was discovered by a fashion photographer. For the next 12 years, she built a successful career as a fashion model. She decided to ‘come out’ at TED to bring more visibility to the transgender community.

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